Just because you can do it all yourself,

doesn't mean you should have to.


Hi, I'm Penny Cook,

Virtual Support Specialist &

Chief of Making Things Easy!

I help incredible entrepreneurs elevate their businesses in a variety of ways. Giving them the energy and time-freedom in their business & life to spend on what matters most to them. My goal is to add ease and flow into all aspects of my client's business.

How I can Help

  • Website Management

  • Content Uploading & Formatting

  • Blog Management

  • Landing Pages

  • Podcast Editing & Producing

  • Collaboration

  • Strategy & Planning

  • Brain Storming

  • Coaching through Blocks

  • Creating Ease & Flow

  • Different Perspective

  • Customer Support

  • Retreat Concierge

  • Event Support

  • Technical Support

  • Workshop Support

  • Newsletter Management


"Penny is AMAZING! She has completely changed my ability to focus on what is important in my business by taking on the tasks that filled up so much space in my brain in the past! She is so much more than a VA, she truly is instrumental in big changes that are occurring in my business. Penny is always supportive, non-judgemental and encouraging whenever I bring new ideas to the table. She has a focused, creative, and collaborative workstyle that has given me the freedom to develop my business and focus on those I serve. I highly recommend Penny if you are looking to up-level your productivity, creativity and value in your business! I am so grateful to have her expertise and support!"

Karla Smith, Personal Transformation Coach


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"I was at a point where I was ready to up level my business and wanted support for the technical aspects of my business with someone who I really connected with. Thankfully Penny was able to help me clarify my vision, offer insights and ideas of what would work best. Working with Penny has given me the sense of freedom to focus on my areas of genius knowing that I have someone who can support me in the areas where I have no skill!!

I would highly recommend hiring Penny! She’s attentive, creative, open and solution-oriented. She is fully invested in her clients and is the perfect combo of technical knowledge, vision builder and coach."

Andra Wochesen, Energetic Business & Income Coach


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"I wanted support for Power Point presentations, I wanted someone who could accentuate what I did with appropriate pictures and set up. Penny always used very appropriate pictures, using both ones I supply and finding the ones I ask her to look for. She also was able to use a font that emphasized my presentation, and to fit in the pictures and photos in such a way that the presentation actually glowed with positivity! Penny has helped me with two Power Point presentations for two different audiences, she follows my guidelines and suggestions and then makes them look even better! My Power Point presentations reflect my words in a very positive way, I find the presentations look brighter and easier to follow.

Penny is confident, easy to work with, she listens to what I want and then gives it to me! She is such a gem! She knows how to give virtual support by addressing exactly what you want! She doesn't assume or suggest unless asked. Couldn't be any better! I am very appreciative of Penny and her work! I'm grateful to know her!"

Arlene Anisman, Arlene's Essential Oil Therapies


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"I chose Penny because of her clinic management experience and her grounded approach to her work. The key thing Penny brought was maturity and wisdom - she didn't just execute items she did them thoughtfully with an eye to people's personalities and dynamics and this is invaluable to me. I recommend Penny wholeheartedly. She is a gift to any business, she is grounded, has an amazing mindset, she is wise and very perceptive. She is a gift to any business."

Alison Crosthwait, Owner, The Cove Healing Centre



Past & Current Clients

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